“Great attention and communication from the head office. Its nice to be able to send a note or pick up the phone and have your issue dealt with. The installation was quick and professional as well. Everything has been going great” | “Our HotelWifi rep was very informative. HotelWifi installed wireless seamlessly, and with no interruption in our existing Internet services. We have been very happy with the service, and would recommend HotelWifi to any property.” | “The response time from the support team is excellent. So far, good supportive team and good connectivity. Keep up the good service!” | “Great cost, helpful staff and easy management. HotelWifi offers great service and product, and their support is very good.” | “I have not had any instances where Hotel Wifi has not met my expectations. Hotel Wifi will exceed your expectations and outperform your existing vendor.” | “The guest support HotelWifi provides is great. Hotel Wifi will look after you—they care and will do whatever it takes to make it better.” | “Easy Install. Good Service. Excellent interface for online monitoring.” | “I have recommended HotelWifi to several hotels and will continue to do so.” | “HotelWifi is awesome. Our guests really enjoy the non-interrupted service and kind support staff. We really like the fact that HotelWifi phones us before we are even aware of a problem. Imagine a support company phoning you first! It’s just wonderful.” | “If you are sick of spending time and money managing your own network with nothing but guest complaints in return, perhaps it's worth your time looking at whether outsourcing this aspect of your hotel makes financial sense. It did for us, and it likely will for you as well.” | “Hotel Wifi is the best option for any place that offers WiFi to their patrons.” | “Have had HotelWifi for more than a year and no problems so far. It is fast and easy to log in—guests love it.” | “Thank you for taking care of my biggest headache. Your quick installation and dependable coverage has worked flawlessly for all of our guests. I highly recommend this system for all hotels!” | “We have 200 rooms and had five other suppliers say it could not be done because the old construction materials were blocking the wireless signals but the HotelWifi system worked as promised.” | “We are very happy with the wireless service. The HotelWifi system is always on and we get no customer complaints. Thank you very much!” | “It's a great service. I especially like the prompt and pleasant tech staff. The price is right and the service is great!”
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