About Us

Hotel WiFi Wireless Networks are the leading ‘wireless specialist’ networking company in the Ireland and the UK.
Hotel Wifi Wireless are one of the few companies in the Ireland and the UK that can deliver an enterprise indoor or outdoor wireless network.
We design, deploy and deliver innovative data, voice and video connectivity solutions for both indoor and outdoor networks, that enable the communications of businesses throughout the Ireland and the UK.
No matter where you need internet access to be provided, HotelWifi.ie has a wealth of experience in providing wireless and wired internet access solutions. Secure, robust and managed, our HotSpots are currently offering service to our customers via hundreds of access points around the country and abroad. Let us quote you for internet access and provide you with the best in the business.

Low cost, no commitment

Guest WiFi is changing fast, with a new leap forward in network technology happening every two to three years. To help you keep up with guest demand, Hotel Wifi enables you to upgrade your guest wireless network to our latest technology any time you need at a low, fixed price based on the time since your last upgrade.
And unlike other providers, Hotel Wifi won’t lock you in to any long-term contracts. With technology changing so fast, why commit? We let our monitoring, management and support service speak for itself by offering a no-hassle, no-penalty 30-day cancellation policy.

Pay and tiered network support

Hotels face a difficult task of balancing guest demand for free WiFi with the need to offset the cost. With Hotel WiFi Plus, you can do both. Generate additional revenue by charging users for all access, or giving away a certain amount of access for free and charging for premium speeds or more connected devices. Hotel WiFi Plus integrates with credit card payment gateways, a front desk on-demand voucher system. Hotel Wifi Plus makes it easy to set up, monitor, and collect automatic payments through the cloud.

Live network monitoring

If you ever have an issue with your network, we’ll know about it within minutes and begin working on a fix before your guests even notice an interruption. Plus, with Hotel WiFi Cloud monitoring and management software, you can view your own network activity and performance from anywhere—even your home or smartphone.

More for your money

Hotel WiFi includes wireless equipment, monitoring, service calls, full replacement warranty, 24/7 live toll-free support for your guests and much more in one low month-to-month price: Call us for pricing +353 1 244 9590. With a low up-front fee for connection and even lower upgrade costs, Hotel WiFi enables you to deliver a high-performance guest wireless network at a budget-friendly price.

Fair traffic management

Hotel WiFi allows limiting guests to a certain amount of bandwidth, ensuring all of your guests have equally-distributed access. Plus, we can block users who download illegal music, movies and TV shows. And with advanced deep application filtering, Hotel WiFi enables you to prioritize certain types of traffic over others, keeping your business-focused guests happy while limiting file sharing.