Hotels and Hospitality

Hassle-free, cloud managed WiFi

Hotelwifi is a package any sized premises wishing to provide internet access to public areas as well as a small number of rooms. The equipment consists everything you need to provide a secure Wifi environment.
While most traditional hospitality wireless Internet providers use expensive and complicated servers, data centres and high-cost IT workers, Hotel WiFi takes a different approach: reliable, secure and affordable cloud-managed WiFi. Hotel WiFi guest networks have been 100 per cent cloud managed since day one, and for good reason: no on-site server means better management, less downtime, fewer resets and far lower cost. It also means you can observe what’s happening on your guest wireless network in real time from anywhere using our web portal or smartphone.

WiFi where you need it

Concrete, brick and steel: no problem. Hotel WiFi is flexible and powerful enough to go where others can’t. We’re ideal for hotels and resorts of all sizes, especially where other hospitality WiFi systems have failed. Using secure, lightning-fast and cost-efficient technology, we extend your hotel’s Internet connection to allow guests to connect throughout your property. Our modular system enables us to install discreet access points closer to guests—outdoors, in ceilings, or in secure wall plug or Ethernet jack enclosures. There are typically no new wires, no mess and minimal guest interruptions. You’ll always get 100% coverage with fast, strong signals in every room.

24/7 dedicated technical support

Your guests want a WiFi connection, and they want it now. So when they have technical issues, we’re here to help any time, day or night. With Hotel WiFi, you’ll always get 24/7 live, on-shore telephone guest support from real employees: it’s our core business. We measure hold times in mere seconds, not minutes or hours. Once you’re a Hotel WiFi customer, we’ll provide a toll-free number for guests or staff to call for technical support, network assistance and status checks. We’re always available.